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Flip the Script on your Health Plan:

Provide Better Benefits for Less Money

We utilize the latest in technology and cost controls to assist brokers in providing their employer clients more benefits to their employers with a predictable 5 year premium - Saving on premium dollars and in administration costs.

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The Typical Script for Health Insurance Renewals:

Your client gets a renewal notification that they will have to pay a lot more for the same benefits or a little more for worse benefits.







Health Insurance Costs Containment

We help manage health care benefit costs. We do this through a variety of ways that involve everything from calling providers, reviewing claims, to setting up private clinics for employees.


We leverage technology to bring you the best results at the lowest costs. We run a lean business by managing costs. Our online enrollment and administration capabilities will stream line your administration as well.

All Benefits

We are able to manage all employee benefits through Benefit Administration Systems. We work with all types of benefit brokers to assist them in rounding out coverage– Health Insurance, Dental, Cancer, Disability, Voluntary, ID Theft, and more. We specialize in Self Funded products but can assist with fully insured lines as well.


The only way to stay compliant in today’s world is to utilize technology to ensure that every employee is offered their benefits right everytime.

All of our data, even email, is stored on HIPAA compliant servers. Our Benefit Administration System ensures that information is not being sent needlessly and stays safe.

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A few things we’re great at

We have the tools and the products to make the best benefits package for you.

Simplified Administration

The administration of our plans are simple because we do it for you. With our Single Source Billing Service you recieve one bill for all your products/services.

Full access to your data

We provide you with full access to your data. Our Benefit Administration system has built in reports, and you can build your own. Our Data Warehousing system provides monthly reports to you on your health plan, or you can login and run custom reports at any time.

All your benefits on One Platform

You can go to one administration system for adds, terms, and changes for all of your benefits. Termining an employee ends all coverages with the push of one button.

One Contact for all your benefits & services

You can make one phone call for all of your benefits and services – FSA, COBRA, Dental, Vision, Health, Cancer, and more! 

Atract and Retain Employees

57% of employees say benefits are a top consideration when accepting a position. 80% of employees would choose a better health insurance benefit over a rase.

Keeping your employees healthy and happy

We strive to provide benefits that keep employees healthy. A properly designed benefits plan pushes employees to get and stay healthy. Healthy employees are happier both at home and at work.

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The Secret of Success

The secret to our success is that we look out for the best interest of our clients. We are willing to do more work for less money as our goal is to keep clients for a lifetime. We take the time to evaluate all the pieces of your health plan and construct the best plan for you, your employees, and the taxpayers that fund your municipality. By seperating out every service we are able to get the best pricing and the best service providers.

Parish Government

450 lives covered since 2012; No increase in Premium; Over $2,000,000 in savings

Construction Company

70 lives covered since 2014; No increase in Premium; Over $150,000 in annual savings

Administration Costs

Our savings calculations do not include the reduction in costs resulting for easier administration – which can be tens of thosands of dollars.


380 lives covered since 2009; One Increase in Premium in 2015; Over $1,000,000 in reserves

Proof Before You Buy

With the below information we can do a historical review of your plan and create a proposal that shows what you could have saved over the last three to five years.


Health Claims

We will review all claims on an individual code level. We can obtain this information on your behalf with the right documentation from you.

Prescription pills

Rx Claims

Pharmacy Claims are become a a much larger part of health plan expenses. We will review your contract and claims costs.

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Fee Review

There are many fees in a health plan. These include network, PBM, TPA, Section 125, HRA, COBRA, Reinsurance, and more. We review them all.

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